Pawn Bronze Statue in Chula Vista, CA

Selling Bronze Statues in San Diego

We pay cash for bronze statues in San Diego.


How to sell bronze statue in San Diego.

Selling bronze statues in San Diego is easy. We are one of the best places to sell bronze statues in San Diego.

To get cash for bronze in San Diego there are 3 easy steps:

  1. You bring your bronze statue to our location or send us some pictures via email or text.

  2. Our professional bronze buyers in San Diego will evaluate your bronze statute and give you a cash offer.

  3. We pay you in cash.

If you are looking for a local antique shops in San Diego to sell bronze statues make sure you have any paper work that may come with your statue put together to help our experts determine the history and age of your bronze piece.

We would also look to determine if it is an original piece or a replica.

Any signatures by artists should be clearly photographed if you are emailing a picture of your bronze art so we can determine who the statue if made by.

The height and weight of the bronze statue should also be included to the best of your ability and if there are any writings, labels, boxes or certificates of authenticity available they should be included.

Sell Statue in San Diego


We buy other types of statues as well including marble statues and granite statues.

We do purchase original and replica art and antiques depending on the quality and our client base.

Some statues may be heavy and impractical to bring to the store. In that case you can call us and we will have one of our experts look at the statue.

We can pay cash for statues, no checks, no hassle.

In carrying or delivering statues be sure to wrap them up properly and store them so they do not move during transportation to prevent any damage to your statues.

If you are looking for statue buyers in San Diego you can call us at 619-777-8238, come down to our store at 255 3rd Ave., Chula Vista CA 91910 or click here to contact us.

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