Pawn Jewelry Chula Vista CA

Pawning Jewelry in Chula Vista CA


If you are looking for pawn shops in Chula Vista CA to pawn jewelry in Chula Vista, you have come to the right place.

When we pawn jewelry we pay high payouts and cash payouts.

So if you are looking for Chula Vista pawn shops that pay cash, we are one of the pawn shops that pays cash, no checks, no hassle, no waiting in long bank lines to cash your check.

Some people search for “pawn shops near me” to pawn jewelry. With locations in Chula Vista, La Mesa, Balboa Avenue in Clairemont, La Jolla and El Cajon, one of our pawn shops is San Diego is near you.

Pawning Jewelry in San Diego is easy.

  1. Your bring your jewelry into one of our locations.

  2. We evaluate the jewelry and provide you with a cash payout quote,

  3. We get you paid in cash and on your way.

Make sure you have your ID with you when pawning jewelry in San Diego.

What kind of jewelry do we pawn? You can:

Pawn Gold Jewelry

Pawn Silver Jewelry

Pawn Diamond Jewelry

Pawn Platinum Jewelry

Pawn Diamond Rings

Pawn Engagement Rings

Pawn Watches

Pawn Coins

Pawn Gold Bars

Pawn Silver Bars

If you want to know how to pawn jewelry the procedure is simple:

Your jewelry is usually made of gold or silver or platinum.

Our pawn shops in San Diego will test your jewelry to see how much gold is in it. Gold is measured by Karats. 24 karat gold is pure gold or 100% gold. 14 karat gold is 58.3% gold. 10k or 10 karat gold is 41.6% gold.

One our San Diego pawn shops determine how much of your jewelry is gold (or silver or platinum), they will then estimate its full precious metal value and provide you a quote based on a percentage of the full value leaving room for interest to be accrued on any cash loans on jewelry, market fluctuations in price of gold, silver or platinum and a margin for the work involved in taking in the item, melting it if necessary in case it is not picked up and making a profit should the item not be picked up.

Usually you have 120 days to pay back any jewelry loans in San Diego, however, you can also re-write the loan at the end of the period and pay any interest to keep the payments on time,extending the time as long as necessary until you redeem your pawned jewelry.

If you prefer a cash collateral loan rather than receiving a check, our San Diego pawn shops pay cash so you don’t have to go to the bank or check cashing place to cash your check.

Best Place to Pawn Jewelry in San Diego

Our customers rate us as one of the best pawn shops in San Diego because we

We pay high payouts for when you pawn jewelry,

We pay cash when pawning jewelry

Come in and see why we are one of the best places for collateral loans in San Diego

Call us today at (619)777-8238 or click here to contact us. 

We also pawn art, antiques, bronze statues, marble statues, estate jewelry, loose diamonds, gold watches, diamond watches, Rolex watches, Cartier watches, Patek Philip Watches, Chopard watches, Maple Leaf Gold Coins, American Eagle Gold Coins, Morgan Silver Dollars, Peace Dollars, Trade Dollars, Centenario Gold Coins, Gold Bars, Silver Bars and handmade Persian rugs.