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Gold & Diamond Pawn Shops Chula Vista CA

San Diego Pawn Shops pawn various items. We pawn the following items:

Pawn Jewelry in San Diego


Fast and easy transaction to pawn your jewelry. You bring in your items, we test out what they are to see if they are gold, silver or platinum, diamonds, etc.

We estimate the value of the items and provide you with a cash quote based on the value. We do the paperwork and get you paid in cash and you are good to go.

Pawn Gold in San Diego

Pawning gold in San Diego is easy. Gold jewelry has different percentages of gold mixed in with other metals. This is called the “karat” of the gold. When looking for San Diego pawn shops to pawn gold, you need to make sure you know how many karats your gold is. Local pawn shops should test your gold and see what karat it is. Here is how it works: Pure gold is referred to as 24 karat gold or 24k. So if your gold is stamped 14k that means it is 14 karat gold. To determine what percentage of the weight of your jewelry is made up of gold you divide 14 by 24 (14 being the karat stamp on your jewelry in our hypothetical example and 24 being pure gold). Then based on the percentage of gold the value of your gold is determined and the pawn amounts established. The entire procedure can take just a few minutes and you walk out with cash in your pocket, no checks, no hassle, no waiting in long bank lines.

Pawn Silver in San Diego

If you are looking for pawn shops in San Diego to pawn silver or pawn silversets in San Diego you have come to the right place.

Pawn Diamonds in San Diego

Pawn Diamond Engagement Rings in San Diego

Pawn Watches in San Diego

Pawn Coins in San Diego

Besides Pawning Jewelry, gold, silver, diamonds, watches and coins we also pawn the following items:

Pawn Art in San Diego

Pawn Antiques in San Diego

Pawn Electronics in San Diego

What kind of electronics do we pawn ?

Pawn Laptop Computer

Pawn Desktop Computer

Pawn Samsung Galaxy Phone

Pawn iPhone 6

Pawn Tablet Computer

Pawn iPad

Pawn iPod


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Gold & Diamond Buyers Network also has locations in La Mesa, La Jolla, Clairemont (Balboa Avenue), El Cajon and Downtown San Diego.

When it comes to pawning jewelry there are a few things you need to know.

1. First is what kind of jewelry do you have? It is gold? Is it silver? Is it platinum?

2. Next you need to know what kind of stones you have in your jewelry (if any)? Is it a diamond? Is it an emerald? Is it a ruby? Sapphire? Amethyst? Some pawn shops pay more for stones and most don’t. If you are not getting paid for a stone it does not make sense to leave it in your jewelry as you can get more money for it separately by selling it so keep in mind some diamonds can be worth a lot of money, not to mention rubies, sapphires, alexanderites, emeralds, turquoise, jade and other precious stones.

3. Next you need to know the wholesale value of the items you pawn. How much can pawnbrokers in Chula Vista CA sell them for if you don’t pick them back up?

Once these factors are determined then your local pawnbroker or local pawn shop in Chula Vista CA will give you a value that they are willing to pay for your item. The value will be a percentage of the full value (most shops pay 50% to 60% of the full value, however, some pay very little and some can pay more) and they leave room for interest charges on the pawned items.

So when you want to pawn jewelry in San Diego it helps to know whether you have gold or silver or platinum and what karat gold (karat reflects percentage of gold in your jewelry with 24 karat being pure gold and 14 karat being 58.3% gold. To determine how many karats your gold is divide what is stamped on your jewelry by 24. For example if your jewelry that you want to pawn is stamped 10k that means it is 10 karat gold. You divide 10 by 24 and get 41.6%. So if your jewelry weighs 10 grams, 41.6 grams of that are pure gold, the rest can be other metals such as silver, copper, etc.).

Pawn Shops can be a good source of financing for the public through pawning of personal items. As a matter of fact some history blogs indicate that in the 1930s and 1940s pawn shops were the main source of financing for the public and helped the economy. Today, there are many items for which a pawnshop can provide liquidity instead of the item sitting in your closet. Any pawning should be done responsibly so that you have the power to take your item out of pawn if it is a item you want to have back. Pawn shops are required to hold items for 120 days in California and if the item is not paid for by then they can go ahead and start selling it. If you don’t want your item sold you can either pay the pawn amounts and pick up your item or you can re-write your ticket and pay interest, renewing the item for another 4 months and so on until you have the money to take it back out.

When pawning jewelry in Chula Vista, you need to make sure the pawn shop in Chula Vista has the latest correct information about your address and how to reach you. When an item is coming up for sale at a pawnshop, they are required to send you a letter to let you know your item will be sold unless you redeem it or rewrite your ticket. If that letter goes to a former address, then you will not know that your item is coming up for sale and with all the busyness in today’s world, you may forget your item needs to be redeemed. So make sure that you provide any pawn shops in San Diego with your latest contact information, address, phone number and email so that they can let you know the status of your items.

If you need any more information on How to Pawn Jewelry in San Diego or How to Pawn Gold in San Diego call us or email us and we’ll be glad to help.