Selling Jewelry in San Diego

Selling Jewelry in San Diego


Selling Jewelry in San Diego?

Find out How to Get More Cash for Jewelry in San Diego

Selling your jewelry in San Diego can bring you more cash for jewelry if you do a little homework.  Not all places pay the same when you want to sell jewelry in San Diego. This articles is meant to help you get more cash for jewelry in San Diego.
Generally there are 3 steps to selling jewelry in San Diego:
  1. You bring your jewelry to your local jewelry buyers or cash for gold places.
  2. They evaluate your jewelry and give you an offer for your jewelry.
  3. You get paid for your jewelry.

Having said that, these are the fine points you need to know about how your jewelry is evaluated:

Some places give you only scrap value for your jewelry. What that means is they calculate how much gold or silver is in your jewelry and don’t pay you anything for the stones such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies in your jewelry, don’t pay you anything extra for designer brands such as Tiffany & Co. and don’t pay you anything for design and workmanship of your jewelry.
Typically they melt your jewelry so all value is lost, although the precious stones can be sold for more money.
So the first step is for you to check to see if you are getting paid extra for the stones in your jewelry, if you are getting paid more for brand names such as Tiffany and if you are getting any additional value for jewelry.

What we do at Gold & Diamond Buyers’ San Diego Jewelry Buyers



We evaluate your jewelry to determine its value. Our process is referred to as a buyer’s appraisal. A buyer’s appraisal differs from a seller’s appraisal in that a seller can sell jewelry and provide an appraisal saying that it is worth much more than he is selling it to you for. Many jewelry stores provide appraisal that are more than they charge you for jewelry value. Customers that come in with those types of appraisals need to beware that if someone can go to the same jewelry you purchased from and buy the same jewelry for half the price of the appraisal he gave you then why would someone pay more for it. A buyer’s appraisal is different in that the buyer looks at how they can sell the jewelry as quickly as possible including melting it so a buyer’s appraisal will be lower than a heavily inflated seller’s appraisal or insurance replacement value appraisal.
Our customers like the value we give them for their jewelry because we pay higher than other jewelry buyers in San Diego in many cases, pay more for stones in your jewelry and pay more for brand name jewelry. Since we have a retail jewelry store in some instances we can pay more than dealers that do not retail jewelry because a retail customer pays more when they buy the jewelry from us.
We check the daily value of gold, silver and platinum and estimate the value of diamonds, and gemstone jewelry that other jewelry buyers in San Diego or San Diego estate buyers may overlook. We also love to buy antique jewelry and vintage jewelry as well as designer jewelry from brands like Rolex, Harry Winston, Bulgari, Tiffany & Co., Chanel, Cartier, Bulgari, Van Cleef & Arpels, David Yurman, and many others.

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Many estate jewelry buyers in San Diego or vintage and contemporary jewelry buyers in San Diego value your jewelry based on the gold or platinum’s karat (purity) and its weight. Gold & Diamond Buyer’s San Diego Jewelry Buyers division buyers experts and consultants can include gemologists, ¬†jewelry designers, and jewelry dealers, so that we can value each piece of jewelry. While in most cases experts and consultants are not needed because our jewelry buyers in San Diego are proficient in what they are doing, in many cases we do use experts including jewelers that are in business for decades and certified art and antique appraisers. We keep in mind the designer that designed your jewelry, the manufacturer that made it and the time period in which it was made.
Generally items over 100 years old are referred to as antique and items over 25 years old are referred to as vintage. When we have the opportunity to retail your jewelry, our San Diego jewelry buyers see the potential for your jewelry to be sold for much higher amounts than a dealer may pay because it can be sold retail to a customer that loves and appreciates it, which translates into more cash for jewelry for you.
Our professional staff is courteous and friendly. They will make you feel comfortable and evaluate your jewelry in front of you. Whether you choose to sell your jewelry or not, our staff will provide you with information about your jewelry so that you would know more about what it is and provide you with a buyer’s cash quote, also referred to sometimes as a buyer’s verbal appraisal.
Gold & Diamond Buyers San Diego Jewelry Buyers will pay you in cash for your jewelry so that you don’t have to go to the bank and wait in long bank lines. If you prefer a check we can also provide you with a check.
There are various ways that you can sell jewelry in San Diego.

1) Sell My Jewelry For Cash Today. Using this method you sell your jewelry for same-day cash, no checks, no hassle.


2) Get a Temporary Loan. Pawn your jewelry and receive an immediate cash loan. No credit check required. This is referred to as a jewelry collateral loan or watch collateral loan in San Diego or pawning jewelry in San Diego.

Gold Pawn Shops Chula Vista - Silver Pawn Shops Chula Vista

Gold Pawn Shops Chula Vista – Silver Pawn Shops Chula Vista


3) Sell My Jewelry on Consignment in San Diego.

We are licensed to do consignment in San Diego. You can receive more money for your jewelry by doing jewelry consignment in San Diego. We are not a consignment store, we are a jewelry store but we do jewelry consignment and watch consignment. We also do art consignment in San Diego and antique consignment in San Diego. By selling jewelry on consignment you can receive more cash but it may take longer to sell your item. We generally market your consignment jewelry to get the highest possible prices for it.

4) Sell My Jewelry from Home.

Selling jewelry from home is easy, just call us or e mail us and we will send you a shipping package. Most packages are insured up to $50 with the post office and $100 with UPS. Additional insurance is available for more higher priced items as well as FedEx overnight shipping with complete insurance for total amount of your jewelry, watches, coins and gold and silver bars. You can track your jewelry with the carriers and know exactly where it is at anytime.

As professional San Diego jewelry buyers we see and buy all types of jewelry. Come see for yourself why we are one of the best place to sell jewelry in San Diego and the best place to sell jewelry in Southern California. After selling jewelry in San Diego to us, we hope you will also become a repeat customer and tell others about your experience with Gold & Diamond Jewelry Buyers San Diego and refer others like many of our existing customers.

We are jewelry dealers in San Diego and buyers of jewelry, including if you want to:

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